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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Public Adjuster?

We represent you the homeowner/insured to make sure you receive the maximum amount of money, that you’re entitled to.

We are experienced professionals licensed by the New Jersey State Insurance Commissioner, Bonded and Insured. Our role is to represent you, the insured, to make sure you receive the maximum amount of money for your settlement.

Understand that the insurance company represents the insurance company, not you.

Can’t I just use the insurance companies adjuster’s?

The insurance company’s adjuster represents the insurance company, NOT YOU.

They are experts at paying the least amount possible.

Should my Public Adjuster be brought in at the beginning of a claim?

Most Public Adjusters work on a contingency basis. Typically, Public Adjusters charge a fee of 10% to 15% of the final settlement offer.

More experienced adjusters will command higher fees. Some Public Adjusters charge over 20%. Some states restrict Public Adjuster fees.

Can I hire a Public Adjuster after the claim has been settled?

All the damage has been done. It’s three times more work with an uncertain outcome to try to reverse all the mistakes a homeowner/insured has made.

For those reasons, we will not represent a client that tried to handle a claim themselves.

How much does a Public Adjuster charge?

Public adjuster fees normally range between 10% and 15%.

An experienced highly qualified Public Adjuster makes all the difference and can increase your claim 50% 100% 200%.  Depending on the circumstances, they will more than earn their fee, navigate you through the process with the highest success rate and handle all of the headaches.

Do you really want to try this by yourself?

Do I need a Public Adjuster?

It’s the smart decision.  Serious claims and major losses require serious representation.

If you had a serious legal issue would you go into court without an Attorney?

Why would you attempt to represent yourself on one of the most important decisions of your life? A competent Public Adjuster will make a tremendous difference in your settlement. They will more than earn their fee, which means their services are free and they handle all of the headaches.

Remember, The Public Adjuster represents you.

Can I hire a Public Adjuster in the middle of my claim?

Top Public Adjuster companies many times will not enter into the claim process once an insured has tried to handle and negotiate the claim on their own.

All the rookie mistakes have been made, too many things have gone wrong, and a positive outcome has already been severely compromised.

In another words – too late. The goose is already cooked.

The Public Adjuster you choose should be aware of your needs and responsive to your concerns. At Thomas Lacovara & Associates we have a long list of testimonials and happy clients.

What should I look for in a Public Adjuster?

You should look for the same qualities you would look for in any other profession. Knowledge, experience, work ethic, honesty and reputation.

Always check on your Public Adjusters references and relationship with other professionals.

We at Thomas Lacovara and Associates Public Adjusters, pride ourselves on experience, honesty, integrity, and hard work.

Every one who is anyone uses our services. We are the gold standard.

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Thank you from the Egg Harbor Township Firefighters

Award Ceremony presentation to Thomas Lacovara and Associates. Our fire house suffered a tragic fire loss, you and your team took us through the difficult process.  At the conclusion we were able to build a new fire house from the insurance proceeds.

Egg Harbor Township Firefighters
bargaintown fire department