Meet the Team.

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Thomas Lacovara

Senior Public Adjuster

Over 25 years experience, certified Appraiser/umpire, court recognized expert, licensed, bonded and insured

Thomas Lacovara and Associates have negotiated over $100 million in claim recovery for their clients.

Mr. Lacovara has in-depth knowledge of policies, insurance law, appraisal, construction, planning and zoning boards, working with the top law firms in South Jersey as an expert.

He works directly with law firms, accounting firms, engineers, architects and the legal system to ensure you receive the best possible settlement you are entitled to.

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John Ross

Senior Public Adjuster | Contents Specialist

Over 22 years experience, certified Appraiser/umpire, court recognized expert, licensed, bonded and insured

John Ross graduated Stockton University, is unsurpassed and his knowledge of contents, antiques, collectibles, high-quality furniture, clothing and other household
and commercial items.

Mr. Ross also holds a New Jersey State Police license as a private investigator and coordinates with the insurance company’s fire investigators.

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Tim Young

Senior Public Adjuster, Building Expert

Over 18 years experience, certified Appraiser/umpire, court recognized expert, licensed, bonded and insured

Tim Young graduated Drexel University, and worked for the other side for 8 years as an insurance company adjuster. He has an in-depth knowledge of the claim process, building estimating and the insurance company strategy of paying the least amount possible, whenever possible.

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Colt Lacovara

Public Adjuster

New Jersey State licensed, bonded and insured

Colt has been working with the company for several years and grew up around the business.

Colt Lacovara graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Economics and Statistics.

The Facts.

A highly trained, highly competent professional public adjuster will make all the difference handling your claim. In economics, it’s called value added services.

A top public adjuster can make a 50%, 100%, 200%, 300% difference in your claim settlement, more than enough to cover the 10 or 15% public adjuster fee.

Plus you have eliminated the headaches and the learning pitfalls of trying to manage your own claim.

thomas lacovara & john ross

Our Promise

We help our clients settle their insurance claims, and reduce stress.

We’ll handle all of the details that are associated with your insurance claims and on-call to answer all of your questions.

We’ve spent nearly three decades working with the South Jersey community, and have a very reputable reputation.

Take a look at our testimonials from happy clients we’ve worked with over the years.

Our Values.

Thomas Lacovara & Associates is a highly trained, high-quality public adjusting firm that will more than earn our fee with your recovery.

This means you are the beneficiary of the added value we bring to your claim.

Plus, we handle all of the details that are associated with these claims, often causing stress during the settlement process.

Customer first

You are our top priority, first and foremost.


We have settled hundreds of claims and can do the same for you.


With decades of experience, we know how the other team works, your insurance company assigned adjuster. Don’t make the mistake of accepting their claim assessment.


After your damage, you’re panicked and frightened. We are the gold standard when it comes to large loss claims.

Don’t let poor judgement during stress prevent you from getting the most money you’re entitled to.

Trusted by South Jersey’s homeowners since 1997.

Thank you, Thomas Lacovara for all your hard work and help settling this large and complicated insurance claim and for all your professional help with rebuilding the medical center. You came highly recommended and you earned that reputation.

You have our appreciation and recommendation.

Dr. Groch, Owner, Mainland Medical Center | Northfield

We present Thomas Lacovara and Associates with this award of gratitude.  We were having a difficult time with the insurance company until you stepped in and made sure we got everything we were entitled to.

Thank you for all your effort and hard work.

Jack Fox, Executive Director, Jewish Community Center | JCC Margate

Award Ceremony presentation to Thomas Lacovara and Associates. Our fire house suffered a tragic fire loss, you and your team took us through the difficult process.  At the conclusion we were able to build a new fire house from the insurance proceeds. Thank you.

Egg Harbor Township Firefighters, Bargaintown Fire Department

I cannot thank this company enough.  I had a flood claim and a fire claim. Both times Thomas Lacovara and his people saved the day for me. I was totally lost and confused they took over every aspect of the claim and made my life so much easier during this difficult time.

I was able to rebuild my house both times through their hard work.  They have my highest recommendation, thank you.

Carol Austin, Mainland High School

Thomas Lacovara and his team were a guiding light in one of the darkest days of our lives. Our home was totally destroyed by fire. Mr. Lacovara’s support and amazing knowledge, skills, and disposition allowed us to survive the pain and the loss. The entire company was wonderful to us.

He got us a fantastic settlement, we were able to buy a new home and yes, we are smiling again. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

James & Yvonne Knox, School Principal, Atlantic City

I recommend this company to all my clients and have personally used their services several times. As a personal injury trial attorney, I understand insurance companies’ reluctance to pay what is owed, that’s why I recommend a trusted expert in the public adjusting field.

Thomas Lacovara and Associates are true professionals and experts at insurance recovery, they have my highest recommendation and thanks.

Sandy & Paul D'Amato, Trial Attorney

After my kitchen fire, I was in a panic. The insurance company wanted to send in a restoration cleaning service to wipe down my house and dry clean my clothing. Mr. Lacovara immediately put a stop to that and negotiated replacement of all my clothing and a brand-new kitchen, including appliances. If I did not hire their services, I would still be in a smoky house wearing damaged clothing.

Hiring Thomas Lacovara and Associates was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Norma Schick, Home Owner

Always hire a professional! I had a major house fire, the insurance company attempted to under pay the claim every way possible to the point of absurdity.

Thomas Lacovara and Associates worked relentlessly to get me everything I was entitled. At the conclusion, I was able to rebuild my home and replace all my damaged contents.

This company has my gratitude, thank you.

Kevin Dixion, Licensed Engineer, Galloway

Proven results, more than 12 of my clients have used Thomas Lacovara and Associates.  Over the last decade I’ve seen the results firsthand, they are fantastic. If you have a major loss/insurance claim, this company has a proven track record, they have my highest recommendation.

Tom Kimball, Professional Realtor

Get in touch with us.

We are here to help answer your questions and start the process of working with you and handling your insurance claim.

Whether by fire, flood, wind, there are 3 questions that often arise when someone experiences a major loss.

What Is A
Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a highly trained insurance professional that represents you, the insured homeowner, with your insurance claim. We represent you.

At Thomas Lacovara & Associates we are licensed by the New Jersey Department of Insurance and work FOR you to help you get the maximum amount of money in a settlement that you’re entitled to receiving.

We help to remove the stress and ease the headaches associated with insurance claims – handling all the details accompanying a major loss.

Why Choose A
Public Adjuster?

The insurance company sends in their own adjuster that represents the insurance company, not you.

Insurance companies are part of major corporations and experts at paying the LEAST amount of money to you for your damages.

They are more interested in their bottom line than yours.

We need to talk.

When To Choose A
Public Adjuster?

Immediately at the time of damage, you should contact a public adjuster. The first meeting with the insurance company is the most critical and important meeting. This is when the rules of engagement are established; identified as the Scope of The Loss.

The insurance company may want to send a cleaning or restoration company into your home right away. This is a huge mistake made by many homeowners as you will lose tens of thousands of dollars, just on that one mistake.

Think of it this way. If you had an automobile accident, would you clean and polish your car before the adjuster had an opportunity to review the extent of the damages?

Need Immediate Assistance?

Office: 609.926.6500 | Linwood, NJ
Serving South Jersey

We Are The GOLD STANDARD In The Industry.

Brief List of Trusted Clients:

  • Paul D’amato Esq., Trial Attorney/Former Mayor Assemblyman

  • Dennis Levinson, Atlantic County Executive

  • Bargantown Fire Department

  • Sonny McCullough, Former Mayor Egg Harbor Township

  • Danny Adams, Chief Margate Fire Department

  • Dennis Brooks, Former Chief Atlantic City Fire Department

  • Pat Moran, Former Chief of Police Galloway

  • Steve Brog Esq.

  • Jack Plackter Esq.

  • Steve Marchel, Owner Stock Brokerage

  • Lou Bongiovanni, CPA

  • Frank Thomas, CPA Port Republic

  • Tom Kimble, Realtor

  • Steve Kaplan, Judge

  • James Knox, Atlantic City School Principal

Commercial Clients

  • Absecon Methodist Church

  • Faith Baptist Church, Pleasantville

  • JCC – Jewish Community Center, Margate

  • Steve and Cookies Restaurant, Margate

  • Tomatoes Restaurant, Margate

  • Roberts Place Bar Restaurant, Margate

  • Great Bay Country Club, Somers Point

  • Art Handler Appliance, Pleasantville

  • Mainland Medical Center, Northfield

  • Pleasantville Yacht Club

We Are Your Trusted, 5-Star Review Public Adjusters

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Thomas Lacovara

Handling your insurance claim headaches so you don’t have to.

Only highly trained professionals with decades of experience know how to properly settle your complicated insurance claim.

Maximize your insurance settlement $$$!

Review our testimonials to learn more about what our client’s have to say.